Stand Up and Go

It took an extremely annoying inconvenience in the stall of an airport bathroom to prompt the research that landed me on my beloved female urination device. Don’t tune out yet, it gets better, or worse — who knows!!! Picture this, I was traveling wearing a comfy jumpsuit, a coat, a crossbody purse, I had a carry-on and a small shopping bag. I entered the stall and this is what I saw.

Just to explain for anyone who is unaware, this stall is missing the hook for your belongings. It’s a huge nightmare because not only did I have to balance while hovering above a public toilet, I had to do so holding a coat, purse, and a bag. Even more horrifying my jumpsuit sleeves kept plunging towards the water in the bowl. Fun!!! Arrrghhh.

I would like to say that I walked out of that bathroom unscathed, but the truth is, one of my sleeves got wet. I rode home in an uber with a damp arm, and a deep desire for easier “hardware”. There had to be a way that I too could leisurely stand up and go like my male counterparts.

A quick google search landed me on this life changing gadget. Ahhhh, freedom!!!

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