Oil Cleansing (yes, even acne prone skin)

I do not like sudsy facial cleansers. I learned a long time ago that those bubbles would strip my skin and leave my face parched and flaky. I’ve battled acne for as long as I can remember so I try to stay on top of what will and won’t cause a flare up. Oil has often had a pretty bad rap, especially for those of us with acne. The idea of cleansing with it would have traumatized a sixteen year old me, but in more recent years I’ve added oils to my daily routine with great results.

Oils are ranked from 0-5:

0 – won’t clog pores at all 1 – very low likelihood of clogging pores 2 – moderately low likelihood 3 – moderate likelihood 4 – fairly high likelihood 5 – high likelihood of clogging pores

5 Awesome Oils for Oil Cleansing and Moisturizing

OilComedogenic RatingBest used for
Argan oil0Most skin types
Hemp Seed oil0Most skin types (including oily)
Grapeseed Oil1Most skin types
Sea Buckthorn oil1Most skin types (especially dry or mature)
Shea oil0-2very dry
for more in depth information click here

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