The ripped print has to go.

It’s curled on the edges, torn in the center and positioned completely wrong,  the ripped Klimt print has to go!  I threw the print up on the wall as a space filler until I found something that I loved.  Nearly two years later, the print is still hanging and I’m not much closer to finding the right piece.  

Art is too important not to share.

Romero Britto

While I want the piece to be special, I have some reservations about making a hefty investment in art that will not be shared. No one ever sees my bedroom . Guests of the overnight sort, are shuffled off to the guest room (see glossary of terms). Aaaaarghhh, decisions decisions- I could use some help!!!

Inspiration (a girl can dream)

Get it? –Art over the bed, dream??? okay nevermind. Anyway, through the years I’ve had the great fortune of working with a lot of amazing artists. I’m constantly inspired and awed by the situations in which I find myself. True to form, my first exposure to Kehinde Wiley, the history making artist who painted the iconic portrait of President Barak Obama, was at a photoshoot for Paper Magazine. I was brought in to do makeup for the shoot at his Brooklyn studio (images below). I remember entering the space and feeling dwarfed by the large scale paintings in progress with his signature intricately detailed foliage. Those paintings were unlike anything I’d ever seen. It was fascinating to catch a glimpse of unfinished works, and have the opportunity to witness Kehinde’s creativity firsthand. .

My day shooting with Mickalene Thomas was filled with laughter, warmth, color, pattern, and strong feminine energy just like her work. A trailblazing mag called Gayletter honored me with the opportunity to meet and work with both Mickalene and America’s first Black transgender model Tracey Norman (images below). In case you’re not familiar with her story, Tracey has graced the pages of Vogue and numerous prestigious magazines and campaigns. Her face appeared on the Clairol box for many years in the 1970’s until she was outed by a colleague while on set.  In a full circle moment, Vogue and Clairol have both featured Tracey recently to celebrate her courage and truth. It was fitting that Mickalene an important figure in the contemporary art scene would be tapped to photograph Tracey in her Brooklyn studio.

Mickalene Thomas creates paintings and photographs of African American women that examine, extend, and subvert concepts of female identity and beauty.

national Museum of women in the arts

I have not had the pleasure of meeting America Martin. I stumbled upon her work because I’m a pinhead (see glossary of terms). One of her paintings popped up in my feed and I instantly admired her work. America creates paintings that I want to live around. As with Kehinde Wiley and Mickalene Thomas, America’s acclaim has also priced her work out of my budget at this moment.

Each of the featured artists have a different aesthetic, but all of their works radiate the kind of strength and beauty that I would like to have hanging above my head at night. Under normal circumstances, I’d be tempted to jump into the archives of public domain and source a free piece from there. However, I’d rather support a lesser known living breathing artist who is experiencing a loss of income because of the Covid-19 health crisis. Many freelancers and small business owners like myself can certainly relate. As soon as I get back to work, I’d like to pay it forward and support another artist. If you’re aware of such an artist, have seen a piece that would be perfect, or have information regarding artist relief organizations, I would greatly appreciate your input and will compile a list below.


  • BKC– currently hosting a photography print sale with 100% of proceeds going to the artist


  • Bee
    May 27, 2020 at 12:30 am

    Wow, what great stories and experiences!! I actually got to see the Mickalene Thomas exhibit at the Dayton Art Institute (s/o hometown!) and I was enamored with her work. If I can think of any artists that fit these aesthetics, I’ll come back and share 🙂

  • ปั้มไลค์
    July 3, 2020 at 9:31 pm

    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.


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